We are working on bringing Group Fitness classes back to the PH JCC under the Mayor's new guidelines with Feb. 1 as our target. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime women-only classes are available at the Rosenbloom JCC

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Aquatics Park Phased Opening FAQ's

Lap Swimming FAQs
Family Swim FAQs
Outdoor Aquatics Park Page


*Updated July 9, 2020

Q: What will be available at the Aquatics Park?
A: You can now participate in lap swimming in our upper level Lap Pool and our Family Pool, and Family Swim in our Family Pool and Instructional "I" Pool both on specific days and times. We also offer Tennis sessions on our courts. All pool activities are available one time per day and up to 4x per week, by reservation only. See Lap Swimming, Family Swim and Tennis FAQs below for details.  At this time the baby pools, sprayground and playgrounds remain closed due to health regulations.

Q. What are the rules if I do NOT cancel my session and I do NOT show?
A.  Effective 10/1/20, penalty fees will take effect for the following:
No show for aquatics, group fitness, or fitness center reservations
Signing up for more than 1 fitness class per day (unless not  at full capacity 90 minutes in advance)
Signing up for more than 1 aquatics session and/or waitlist per day
Signing up for more than 3 aquatics sessions and/or waitlists per week

If you do not cancel your reservation at least 60 minutes prior to your time slot the following steps will be put in place. See specific info below under Lap Swim and Family Time about the reservation and cancellation process.

1st Time: Membership will reach out to you

2nd Time: $10 fee will be placed on your account

3rd Time and beyond: $20 fee will be placed on your account and you will be unable to register for JCC activities for one week

If the session you reserved did not fill up, the fee associated with the offense will be waived.  If you have not shown up within 10 minutes of the start time, your spot will be given away to a person on the waitlist who is present on our campus.

Q. Who will be permitted to participate in outdoor aquatics activities?
A. These activities are available exclusively to members, whose accounts are active and financially up to date. Youth members under 16 must be accompanied by a memberover the age of 16.No guests will be permitted. Members who froze their account and wish to take advantage of these outdoor activities must first contact our membership team at membership@jcc.org
or 410.559.3512 to “unfreeze” it. Please note, once the JCC reopens indoors in late June all frozen memberships will be reactivated.

Q: When will classes and other programming resume at the pool?
A: We are working with the American Red Cross, CDC and local health department to determine when we can resume classes, including water aerobics classes, swim team and group swim lessons. Private and semi-private lessons (within the same family) will be offered this summer. If interested contact scrawford@jcc.org.

Q: What access will I have to locker rooms?
A: The outdoor aquatics park locker rooms will be open in a very limited fashion however we recommend patrons come wearing their swimsuits and do all changing at home.

Q: What equipment will be available to me at the pool?
A: To ensure the safety of our members, the JCC will not be providing any equipment for member use. Members must bring any equipment they plan to use, including kickboard, pull buoys, noodles, aqua belts, water weights, lifejackets, goggles etc.

Q: What is the cleaning process going to be after each swim session?
A: The pool will close for 15 minutes between each lap session and 30 minutes between each family session so that all high touch point areas can be sanitized. Our housekeeping and aquatics teams will be using disinfectant sprays, wipes, and fogging. In addition, our aquatics team will be continually wiping down the rails etc.

Q. What can I expect when I arrive at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills Campus?
A. Signs will direct you to head to the Aquatic Park entrance where you will check in at our Welcome Desk. Because of the precautions we need to take during your check in process we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your lap swim time.

At every visit, you MUST arrive (and depart) wearing a mask and you will be directed to stand a minimum of 6 feet away from other members and staff. We will be taking your temperature. It must be under 100.4◦ (f) for you to proceed. Next, we will ask you several health questions to help minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 to other members or staff. Finally, we will be asking you to use our contactless ID scanner – so please bring your membership card to ensure that this part of the process will go quickly. After going thru this process, you will receive a wrist band that you must wear for the remainder of your visit.

During your first check in you will need to sign a waiver and a Code of Conduct form. If you would like to speed up this process you can review and download these forms at home and bring them in already signed when you arrive. Download waiver and Code of Conduct forms (link)

Q: What kind of questions will people be expected to answer at each visit? What would disqualify someone from being permitted to attend an outdoor swim session?
A: At each visit members will be asked questions about potential COVID-19 symptoms, and about contact with people who are, or may be, COVID-19 positive. People who have been in contact with an individual with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or who answered yes to any of the potential symptom questions or who has a temperature above100.3degrees will be denied access.

Q. What are your member policies regarding masks during time at the pool?
A. Masks MUST be worn by everyone when arriving at the JCC.  Patrons must wear a mask until they are ready to enter the water and must put their masks back on immediately after exiting the water. The ONLY time a mask is not required is when one is in the water.

Q. What are your policies regarding physical distancing at the pool?
A: At check in we will require a minimum 6’ of distancing between individuals. Each member will have their own lap lane to use for their hour-long exercise. When on the pool deck, patrons are required to maintain physical distancing and should not move any of the deck furniture.

Q: How do you intend to enforce physical distancing?
A: Members who do not abide by the policy will be reminded by staff to maintain 6’ of distance from other members and staff. Those members who continue to not abide this policy will be asked to leave.

Q. What about restrooms and water fountains?
A. Our bath house restrooms will be available for use however due to health concerns we will not have a water fountain when we initially open. Please bring a filled water bottle to keep hydrated during your workout. Our outdoor restrooms are being fitted with no touch toilets, sinks, and soap dispensers.  Bathrooms will be continuously sanitized throughout the time the JCC is open and after each session.

Q: Is there a family changing room?
A: For those parents/guardians who want to assist a child of the opposite gender, over the age of 6, we are offering a Family Changing Tent on the Splashpad site. This space will have two rooms to provide ample space for physical distancing. Please use the Men's or Women's  Bath House for children under 6 or for children who are the same age as the Guardian/Parent.

Q. What safety protocols will staff be taking?
A. While there will be limited staff on our campus at any one time, they will also have temperatures checked and answer our health questionnaire at the check-in tent at the beginning of each shift. All staff will be required to wear a mask at all times and some staff may also be wearing face shields and gowns as needed.

Q: What safety protocols will lifeguards be taking?
A: Lifeguards will be required to wear a mask except when sitting in the guard stand. There will be a circle barrier drawn around the stand in order to maintain physical distancing. Each guard will have their own rescue equipment that will be sanitized daily.

Q. What happens if it rains or there are thunderstorms?
A: The JCC will monitor the weather at all times including having a lightning detector on premises. If the forecast is for inclement weather in the area, the JCC reserves the right to cancel fitness activities for part or all of the day. In the event of inclement weather, members should check the JCC Inclement weather hotline at 410.559.3586 for the latest update.

In the event that an inclement weather occurs while we are open for activities, members will be directed to go directly to their car where they can decide to wait it out or go home. There will be no congregating in the fitness area (tent), bathrooms, or in the parking lot and no access to building.

Q. What happens if one of our visiting members or a Phase One staff person has tested positive for Covid-19?
A. First it is imperative that staff and members accessing our outdoor facilities notify us as soon as possible about their positive test so that we can shut down our operations. At that point, our facility will be disinfected again and staff and members who were present when the individual was on site will be notified as well as local health officials. The JCC will evaluate a re-opening date based on cleaning protocols needed and contact tracing results.

Q. What about Safety and Security?
A: A security guard will be present at all hours that the JCC is operational. The local police and fire stations will be notified as to the JCC operations. At minimum 1 staff person on site will be CPR/First aid Certified. First Aid Kit and AED will be readily available.

Q: Will I be allowed to bring food with me to the JCC?
A: In trying to keep our facility safe and clean we ask that you do not bring any food with you to the property when you come to swim.

Q: Will I be allowed to stay on the property after my session has ended?
A: In trying to keep our facility safe and clean and the number of people on our campus to a minimum, we ask that you depart the facility shortly after your session has ended.

Q. What’s happening with camps?
A: Campers will we be using the Family pool during weekday afternoons and the lap pool after Noon on Fridays. For the latest camp updates click here

Q. What’s happening with preschool?
A: We are continuing to monitor the government allowances for preschools to be able to open. Our staff is actively working to prepare the school facility and protocols to be able to open when we are ready.


Q. How long is each Lap Swimming session?
A. To accomodate more swimmers we have shortened our lap lane reservation times to 45 minutes each.

Q: When will JCC Outdoor Lap Swimming be available?
A: Lap swimming is available 1x per day and up to 4x a week. Hours for the Upper Level Lap Pool are Mondays-Thursdays 7:00am-11:45am and 3:30pm-7:15pm, Fridays 7:00am -11:45am and Saturdays and Sundays 7:00am – 6:45 pm. Hours for the Lower Level Family Pool are Monday-Thursday 7:00am-11:45am.  Check in is available 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. You will be let in the pool area 5 minutes before.

Q: Is there a cap on the number of laps swim times I can reserve?
A: YES! To make sure as many members as possible have access, we are limiting lap swimming reservations to once per day and 4x per week.

Q. How will lap swimming reservations work?
A. Members must sign up for lap swimming ahead of time thru our Group Ex Pro system. You will need to create an account in this program. You will recieve an email confirming your reservation. You can sign up HERE or visit jcc.org/schedules or jcc.org/aquaticspark. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you have booked a session for the day but you are not feeling well please go back to your account and cancel your reservation, and for everyone’s safety please remain at home.

Q. How do I cancel my reservation?
A. Go back to the original time on the schedule that you booked your swim session and hit the cancel reservation button. Penalties will be put in place for those members who do not show up for their reserved time. See General FAQ's for cancellation policy. 

Q. When does registration open for the coming week?
A. Registration goes live on Sunday mornings but becomes available by the hour. So if you want to book a 9:30am session on Monday, or later, you must book after 9:30am on Sunday or if you want to book a 6:30pm session on Monday, or later, you will need to book after 6:30pm on Sunday.

Q. If I'm on the wait list can I come to the JCC and wait to see if people don't show up for their sessions?
A. Please note if someone cancels, an email goes out to the next person on the wait list so please check your email first to see if there is an opening for you.  We are now opening lanes to people on the wait list who are on site at the JCC when the original registrant does not show up after 10 minutes.

Q: What is the difference between the Lap Pool and the Family Pool?
A: The Lap Pool is on the upper level adjacent to our indoor pool.  It measures 25 meters and has backstroke flags. The Family Pool is on the lower level by the Spray Ground and measures 25 yards. Itdoes not have backstroke flags.

Q: Am I allowed to dry off in a lounge chair after lap swimming?
A: Unfortunately, no, we cannot have anyone hanging out on the pool deck after swimming. After you are done swimming, you will be asked to towel dry and return to your vehicle. There are  outdoor showers on the bathhouse and restrooms will be available in the bathhouse. 

Q: What is the depth of the Lap lanes?
A: Lap pool lanes are 3ft – 5ft deep in the Family Pool, and 3-5ft deep in the Lap Pool.


Q. When will Family Swim be available?
A. Families can book one two-hour blocks of time per day on Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 9:00am and ending at 6:30pm.  Please note, weekday late afternoon and evening hours will start July 13. Stay tuned for updates. The Family Pool and I Pool (Instructional Pool) will close 30 minutes between sessions so we can clean the deck and chairs.  To register your family for an upcoming session visit jcc.org/schedules or jcc.org/aquaticspark.

Q: Who is eligible for family swim?
A: Any JCC member is eligible for family swim. You must reserve spots in the Family Pool or the I Pool for every member of your family (babies included). At this time, NO GUESTS are allowed at our Aquatics Park.

Q. How will lap swimming reservations work?
A. Members must sign up for lap swimming ahead of time thru our Gordon Center ticketing program, Vendini.  You will recieve an email confirming your reservation. You can sign up HERE or visit jcc.org/schedules or jcc.org/aquaticspark. 
PLEASE NOTE: If you have booked a session for the day but you are not feeling well please go back to your account and cancel your reservation, and for everyone’s safety please remain at home.

Q. How do I cancel my reservation?
A. Please contact membership@jcc.org or call 410.559.3500 to cancel. Please let us know your name, date and time of your reservation.  Penalties will be put in place for those members who do not show up for their reserved time. See General FAQ's for cancellation policy.

Q. When are new schedules posted and available for registration?
A. All schedules for the upcoming weekend are posted on Monday mornings around 9:00am

Q: How will physical distancing be controlled in the pool?
A: Parents / Guardians are expected to help their children maintain 6ft or more of physical distancing from other patrons in the pool. While there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted in the pool, there is a risk of exposure. Lifeguards will not be monitoring physical distancing while in the pool, as they are focused on swim safety.

Q: Will I be able to switch between pools during family swim?
A: You are required to use the pool you reserved during your visit. Unfortunately, under the recommendations and guidelines provided, you are not allowed to switch between pool locations If someone in your family wants to swim in the lap lanes during your visit, they will need a separate reservation for that. If they are going to be visiting the family pool they will need to be added to your list as well. We suggest using separate emails if you sign up for both of these”

Q: What is the difference between the Family, Lap and I Pool?
A: The Family Pool is the Z shaped pool on the lower level of the Aquatics Park. This pool has depth ranging from 2.5ft– 9ft/. This pool can be used for recreational swimming, sunbathing etc.  The Lap Pool is for lap swimming only and is located on the upper level. The I Pool (Instructional Pool) is located on the upper level behind the Lap Pool. It has a depth of 2.5ft – 3.5ft. and is recommended for families with young children. We can accommodate up to 80 people at the family pool. 6 swimmers in the lap pool, and 20 people at the I Pool.

Q: Am I allowed to move lounge chairs?
A: A family unit is allowed to move lounge chairs into their own family cluster. Please adhere to the physical distancing guidelines between your cluster and the next chair. There are marks on the ground to serve as guidelines for appropriate distance between chairs.

Q: Can we bring toys to play with at the pool during family swim?
A: You are allowed to bring toys (diving rings etc.) for your personal use during family swim. Please note there is no ball playing allowed in the pool area.

Q. Will I be able to use the Baby Pools, Splashpad and Aqua Wall?
A: Unfortunately, due to regulations from the our local health department we are not allowed to open baby pools,  splashpads or the Aqua Wall.

Q: Can I use the gaga pit?
A: Unfortunately, we are not allowed to use the gaga pit this summer.

Q: We left /lost something at the pool, where is the  lost and found?
A: Due to regulations surrounding COVID -19, there will be no lost and found this summer. All items left on campus will be discarded

Q: Can I change a child on the pool deck?
A: No, due to health and safety regulations, all changing (including diapers) must be done in the bath house changing area.

Q: My child would like to swim in the deep end. How do they get swim tested?
A: Your child can ask any lifeguard to tell them where to go for swim testing. We require a white swim band for anyone swimming in areas between 3ft. – 5ft. and a blue band for anyone who wants to swim in the deep end.

Q: What is the swim test for a white band?
A: Individuals must be able to swim two lengths, one front and one back., in a continuous forward motion and must be able to tread water and back float for one minute each. Children (under 11) who have passed this test must still be supervised by an adult, but they do not need to be within an armsreach at all times.

Q: What is the swim test for a blue band?
A: Individuals must be able to swim four lengths without stopping or losing horizontal position, three on front, one on back, in a continuous forward motion, followed by treading water and floating on back for one minute each. Adults should monitor children who have passed this swimmer level test for exhaustion and cold.

Q: I passed the swim test last year, do I have to retake it?
A: Yes, every year you are required to retake your swim test.