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CSA Martial Arts

Martial Arts have been proven to help teach discipline, control, socialization skills, and more. A great outlet for children and adults looking to improve focus, this ancient mind/body art will help you in all areas of your life. You will also learn many beneficial ways to handle stress and conflict in a positive manner, enhanced awareness, and all while having fun!

Comprehensive Survival Arts (CSA) Martial Arts and Wellness School has been our Martial Arts partner at the J for over 25 years. They offer Karate classes for children as young as three years old to T’ai Chi and Meditation classes for adults 60+. Whether you are aiming to achieve a Black Belt or just gain some key self-defense skills, they are here to help.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Lake | 410.500.3553 |

CSA Classes

CSA classes at the Owings Mills JCC
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CSA takes great pride in HOW we teach our students. We teach with compassion and understanding, honoring each child for their individual personality, characteristics, and needs.

Find our full class schedule for our Owings Mills JCC location.

CSA classes at the Park Heights JCC
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The intensity and discipline of Karate helps children build confidence and focus. Whether your child is aiming to reach advanced belt levels or learn self-defense techniques the supportive instructors from CSA Martial Arts will be with him/her every step, kick and jump of the way. 

We even offer special boys and girls-only classes at our Park Heights J location at times convenient for your child’s schedule.