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Habimah Arts

We are actively planning for summer in 2021! We learned so much during our 2020 season and our intention is to return to a more typical J Camps line-up of offerings in 2021, while continuing to follow all Maryland Department of Health and CDC guidelines to keep campers and staff safe. 
Below is information on our originally planned 2020 season.  We will be updating with Summer 2021 information soon! 

For information, contact: | 410.559.2390

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Age Group
Grades 1–6

Monday–Friday | 9:15am–4:00pm

Options Available: Early Drop Off and Late Stay | Express Bus | Hot Lunch

ACA Accredited

Every camper is a star at Habimah! Your emerging artist will be guided by Baltimore's top artistic professionals and organizations who will guide and enhance their talents and explore new horizons. Every two-week camp session includes an arts-centered field trip, free swim or more time in the studio, and a final showcase and gallery at the Gordon Center to share the culmination of the new skills your camper has learned!

Grade 1–2 | Yotzrim (Creators)
Your artist will sing, act, dance, paint, draw and more in Yotzrim! Campers are introduced to both the performing and visual arts specialties, with instructional swim included daily. Yotzrim will attend two field trips during the summer.

Grade 3–6 | Omanim (Artists)
Your artist has the opportunity to choose their own schedule (track) in Omanim where they can select from these options each session:

Track 1 - "Sachkanim" Performing Arts (acting, singing, dancing, magic, clowning etc.)
Track 2 - "Tzayarim" Visual Arts (ceramics, painting, drawing, photography, mosaics, murals etc.)
Track 3 & 4 - "M'vatz'im & Badranim" Performing and Visual Arts Combo tracks (a combination of tracks 1 & 2)
Track 5 - "Yozmim" Campers looking for a next level experience will delve deeper by choosing one of our new Intensive tracks. Intensive tracks will provide a more personal and development focused program.

Instructional swim optional in 3-6 grades. Omanim campers may also spend time at the pool by opting into daily instructional and/or free swim.

Check out our New TNT Arts Program for 7th and 8th graders!

Inclusion Program
Children with a range of learning, developmental, social, emotional and/or physical challenges are paired with trained staff enabling them to successfully participate in all camp activities alongside their peers. Space is limited. Additional charges will apply. If you have a child with special needs that would benefit from participating in our program please contact Helene Rapaport at 410.559.3613 or to find out about available Inclusion openings.

Gabriel Lewin

Habimah Arts Director

Contact: Gabriel Lewin |

Jennifer Cameron

Habimah Creative Arts Director

Contact: Jennifer Cameron | 410.559.3593 |

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