Average White Band | Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore
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Average White Band

Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 8:00 pm

This ensemble is one of the top Soul, R & B, and Jazz-Funk groups in the world. First known for the timeless instrumental hit Pick Up the Pieces, the band's future lay in its diverse songwriting and unique approach, defying strict adherence to any one facet of rhythm and blues. Stretching across several gold & platinum albums and triple Grammy nominations with the legendary Atlantic label, they were the first Brits to simultaneously top the U.S. Top 100 singles, albums and  R&B charts, before gathering similar U.K. and international honors.

Paradoxically, given their Scottish roots, the six-piece band took the instrumental cues of Jazz giants Adderley, Hancock, Sample, Shorter, & company, and soul heroes Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Al Green, and Stevie Wonder, to create their own authentic R & B blend.

While a good number of tracks, Cut The Cake, Queen Of My Soul, Atlantic Avenue and Let's Go Round Again attracted major chart action as singles, many album cuts, like Schoolboy Crush, Love Your Life and I'm The One were sampled and spun as deep grooves. AWB's contribution to Hip-Hop, Rap, and modern R&B is thus endorsed by the hundreds of samples dating from the Erik B & Rakim days, through Ice-T, Tribe Called Quest, and P-Diddy.

The Average White Band - with Scots originals Alan Gorrie (ld. vocals, bass) and Onnie McIntyre (guitar) alongside U.S. heavies Freddy V. (tenor sax), Cliff Lyons (alto sax), Rob Aries (keys, bass), Rocky Bryant (drums), and Brent Carter (lead vocals) - continues its deserved place at the pinnacle of live soul & funk music to the joy of widely eclectic and multi-generational audiences everywhere.

Please note that dancing is permitted at your seat and near the stage.