Shabbat candle lighting: 7:34pm

The Miller Introduction to Judaism Course

Bring your questions and come as you are whether you’re rediscovering your heritage, you’re soul searching or seeking your community, connecting with your partner, considering conversion, or a lifelong learner. The Miller Intro to Judaism Program developed at American Jewish University is for Jews and non-Jews who want to learn more, no matter your background. We know you’ve got questions- and so do we- we can’t wait to discuss them all with you! Be curious, be courageous, we are eager to together explore big ideas, the wisdom, depth, and joy of Jewish living. Take your next steps towards finding the community where you truly belong. Co-sponsored by the Baltimore Board of Rabbis.

Fee: $360 for an individual OR a couple. 

Fall Session: Wednesdays, October 7 - February 3
Substituting on Mondays Nov. 23 and Dec. 21, No class on Dec. 30

Spring Session: Wednesdays, February 17- June 16
Registration Now Open - Limited to the first 20 participants/couples


For questions or more information on any of our programs, please contact Melissa Seltzer at​.