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JCC Executive Assistant Saadya Barron Brings Warm Touch to J Executive Suite

It’s no company secret, but most folks inside and outside the J know that if you want to reach members of the JCC Executive Team, the best route is to go through Saadya Barron, the JCC Executive Team’s Executive Assistant.

Fortunately, Saadya is one of the kindest, warm-hearted, and endearing individuals you will ever meet, so we’re all in luck.

Beyond Saadya’s role as the J’s executive point of contact, Saadya formulates and implements office activities and procedures in support of the J’s executives.

Saadya recently spearheaded an internal changeover of the J’s meeting management system; she works on event and hospitality planning, security setup and logistics, and supports the executive team and the JCC Board of Directors.  With all the work she does coordinating event logistics, Saadya thinks that one day she may transition into being a wedding/event planner.

Saadya describes her efforts on behalf of the executive team as a “fun juggle of different personalities,” and JCC CEO Barak Hermann as a “true mentor and definitely my biggest supporter at the J.”

Saadya loves working at the J and is always grateful when she has a full plate.

According to Saadya, “Barak keeps the importance of family in the forefront of work life, and my goal, daily, is to make his and the other executives’ jobs easier and make them look good. I love my JCC work family,” she says.

Saadya also loves the J because it gives her the opportunity to be a part of JCC activities that her children are involved in. Saadya started out at the J working at the Welcome Desk, and her husband Robert “Bobby” Barron also worked as a security guard.

A Pikesville native, Saadya attended Beth Tfiloh for elementary school, followed by Pikesville Middle School and Pikesville High School. For college, Saadya attended St. Andrews College in North Carolina and later Towson University, where she studied math and accounting. 

Saadya now lives in Timonium, which she describes as the “New Pikesville,” with Bobby, a former Army Corporal, and daughter Genevieve, 6, and son Dylan, 3.

Saadya is the product of an interfaith marriage: her father was an Orthodox Jew and her mother Italian Catholic.  Saadya was raised in the Modern Orthodox tradition but later, she says, her entire family transitioned to a more conservative lifestyle.

Saadya and Bobby’s marriage is, or rather, was, an interfaith marriage as well.

Bobby is a recent convert to Judaism.  Following their marriage and prior to his conversion, Bobby was deployed in Iraq.  While there, Saadya sent him simple books about Judaism, often children’s books, and he took a keen interest in the religion.  When he returned, he began a conversion process with Rabbi Steven Schwartz of Beth El Congregation and his conversion was finalized on February 2, 2018.

Saadya loves to read and loves the Opera—La Boheme is her favorite; but, of all her roles, Saadya is most proud of being a mom, relishing the fact that even with a busy work life, she is still able to spend most of her free time with family. 

“Working at the J has made me realize how important family and Judaism are to me and how, even though I didn’t realize it before, Judaism has helped to shape me into the person I am today.”