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Pulling No Punches

Coach Kirk Lurie Gets Psyched to Take on CSA’s First Boxing Class 

Boxing, the sport, is coming to the JCC and J member Kirk Lurie is going to be one of Comprehensive Survival Art’s two new boxing coaches.

A Baltimore native, raised in Randallstown and Owings Mills, Kirk first frequented the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC as a teen in the 1990s.   

Beginning Tuesday, January 10, 2017, Kirk will initiate an adult CSA program focusing on all aspects of boxing: conditioning, strength training, stance and footwork techniques, offensive techniques, defensive techniques, counter punching techniques, and mental training.

With over 17 years of boxing and kickboxing experience, Kirk has served as the head boxing coach for several competitive fighters. He is a United States Amateur (USA) Certified Boxing Coach and has been a chief second in multiple states in multiple amateur and professional boxing matches including major pro events in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, as well as one event in Japan.

Kirk’s first boxing coach was Douglas Lake of CSA, Jen Lake’s father, here at the J. Doug trained Kirk the summer he graduated high school, and since that time, boxing has been Kirk’s favorite among sports –the training, the coaching, the sparring. (In addition to boxing, Kirk has also competed in wrestling, kickboxing, and judo.)

Kirk’s worked out and taught at multiple boxing gyms. One of the first classes he ran was in 2009 at the Baltimore Fight Club. He worked there through thru 2011, training young men to compete in Washington, DC, and Maryland.

In 2011, he began work at No Limits Boxing, cornered numerous fights and trained fighters to compete across the country. He did this until December 2015 when he decided to take time off to focus on work, his wife and his daughter, a camper with J Camps Tennis Camp with Adam Stein and Karate Camp with Jen Lake.

Kirk is excited to get a new boxing program up and running at the J.

His goal is to introduce adults to boxing and to have fun. “It’s going to be intense,” he says, “You’re going to be grinding for two hours. You’ll learn how to properly punch, how to step, and we’ll do a lot of bag work.”

“The classes we’re planning are going to run at a very high pace.  We’re going to run a lot of cardio, a lot of technique – it’s basically going to be a mixed bag of hard work,” he says.

This boxing class is going to be comprised of intermediate to advanced fitness levels, fit vs. unfit participants, and will be intense.

Kirk explains that boxing is about self-motivation. 

“If you are not motivated, you are not going to last very long in a boxing program. It’s about being fundamentally sound. If you can’t do the fundamentals you will have trouble.” 

“My goal is to give people the knowledge I’ve absorbed over the last 17+ years, humanize the sport more than people are used to, and let them enjoy it.”

CSA president, Jen Lake's goal is to ultimately start a boxing program for all ages.

This adult class, she says, will add a new dimension to CSA as we try to offer something for everyone.

Kirk has such passion and enthusiasm when it comes to the art of boxing

“Kirk has such passion and enthusiasm when it comes to the art of boxing,” she says.  “He’s serious about what he does and we want our adult students to enjoy coming to class because they love the instructor and have fun learning.”

Assistant Boxing Coach Henry Polee will work with Kirk as they get the J’s new boxers in shape. 

Henry is Chief Instructor, third degree blackbelt in Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate-do, with 20 years of martial arts experience, including 15 years of teaching martial arts, boxing, and self-defense. A former military officer, Henry served three combat tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF/Afghanistan)

“At first,” says Kirk, “We will be training hard-working people who are looking for the fundamentals. I am not going to grind people. Working with adults, it should be easy to establish focus, unlike with teaching children, where you have to burn off so much energy before you can teach.”

“My philosophy is, with everyone you are coaching, you need to be honest and fair and build relationships. I enjoy teaching anyone that’s motivated to learn. If you’re motivated, I’ll enjoy working with you.”

For more information on boxing at the J with CSA, please contact: or 410.559.3553