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Virtual-J Member-Only Access: Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual-J Members Only

Q: I am not currently a JCC Member.  Can I find any pre-recorded Group Fitness classes on the Website to try out?

A: We have left a few free classes for community access at The majority of our classes taped from mid-March 2020- through the present are now available exclusively on this password-protected platform.

Q: Where do I login to the Virtual J Group Fitness platform?

A: You can find a button on our Virtual J landing page that says Virtual Group Fitness Member Access. You can find this landing page by clicking on the Virtual J link on the top white bar on our website or by searching for

Q: How do I login?

A: If you’ve already set up your account, with your own unique email address, after receiving our email inviting you to join our new Member-only Virtual J platform, you’ll use that same username and password.

If you are currently a JCC Member and have not received an invitation to set up your account, please email for assistance. Be sure to include a phone number where we can reach you if necessary.  It's possible we do not have your most current email.  If you have changed your email recently please fill out this new email form.

Q. Does everyone on my membership need to have their own account with their own email?

A. Each person on your membership should have their own individual email address in order to log in and take virtual classes. To ensure that we have your most updated emails in our system please complete this form.

Q. Why do I need to set up a new account if I already have an online billing account and an account with Group Ex Pro to pre-register for fitness and aquatics sessions?

A. Unfortunately these two other systems are not linked at this time. This new password-protected program utilizes another program called Traction Gather.  You can certainly use the same email(s) and password(s) if you wish.

Q: Where do I find the Live-Streamed and pre-recorded classes I want to take?

A: When you login to our Virtual Group Fitness Platform for Members you’ll find links to pre-recorded classes by category (Mind/Body, Strength, or Cardio) and a link to view our upcoming live-streamed schedule which includes a link to our live-stream feed.

The live-stream portal box will stream the class at the scheduled time.

Q: If I like a pre-recorded class how can I easily find it again?

A: There is a "Save for Later" heart icon you can click on. When you go back to the page of classes you will see a blue heart show up on classes you liked.

Q: How do I add an upcoming class to my schedule?

A: Click on the calendar icon (add art) below the upcoming class image and description. You can add to Outlook/IOS or Google Calendar

Q: Can I still cast the classes to my flat screen TV?

A: Because we are using Vimeo as our new streaming portal the steps to cast the classes to your TV may be different. One easy step is to use an HDMI cable connected to your computer and your flat screen.  You will need to be sure turn on the TV first before connecting the cable to you laptop. Once the PC is recognized on your TV screen you can start the class. Stay tuned for updates on how to cast from your mobile devices.

Q: I am seeing my live-streamed Zoom class but I can’t hear it, what might the issue be?

A: There is a limitation between Zoom and Safari. Safari does not allow the audio connection to pass through the browser and requires users to dial in for audio. The phone numbers to dial in for audio are listed on the video when you start the event. Another alternative is to download and login via Google Chrome, which does allow audio to pass through the browser from Zoom